All of our products are sold as described. However, where a product does not meet the specification as may have been advertised, Jungle Cell will offer a 14 day Money Back Guarantee. Please follow the 3 steps outlined below to ensure a timely resolution.


Send a Request

Send a message to us via an email:, Whatsapp message: +1 401 555 2693 or use our contact form page. When sending an email, please ensure the subject is simply: Return - (Order Number XXXXXX) e.g. Return - Order number 123456. The body of your email may include your name and reason for the return.

Otherwise, if you call or send a Whatsapp message, please ensure you state your email and the order number 


Return after Authorization

Within 48 hours of your request, we will provide you with information on the most suitable means of returning the item. Please note however that you will be responsible for shipping the item back. Jungle Cell will not replace or issue refund for items that were found to have been tampered with or that were damaged as a result of the user's own negligence or where the item no longer meets the conditions of the product as was previously advertised prior to its purchase. 


Get Resolution

Jungle Cell will contact you once we receive the item. Final resolution will either be a replacement, an exchange or a refund for the item. Please note that refunds will only be done using the same means of payment the transaction.